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Electromedicine Therapy
and Audio Therapies

Electromedicine healing is not new. From electricity
(lightning) and dry electricity (collision) in magnetism
(lodestone), from the sun (in its distant infrared and ultraviolet rays) to visible light (in its various colors)
waves), people use electromedicine
healing from ancient times. Treatment options were based on the premise
by natural phenomena, but about the early 1800’s, electricity began to be used — the first supply
light and then with high quality requirements, e.g.
long-distance phone messaging and performance
equipment in factories. By the 1900’s, the electricity had run out
common at home and at work.
Given the healing properties of various forms of energy,
it did not take long before there were many electronic devices
those designed to treat were considered normal. Electrotherapy and Light Therapy with Essentials
of Hydrotherapy and Mechanotherapy, published 1949,
Richard Kovács describes an amazing electronic network
equipment, most of which had been used halfway
a century. These machines are used for alternate current,
straight waves, low waves, high waves, stationary
electricity, diathermy, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and
ultrasonics. Modern electromedicine workers will be able to
see some of these uses as precursors of those
used today — if not the equipment used, since then
some devices have not changed much in 100 years. Others
these machines included Georges Lakhovsky’s multiwave oscillator, Violet Ray (used by Nikola
Tesla Coil), Edgar Cayce’s Wet Cell, and Dr. John Harvey
Kellogg Electric Lighting Cabinet. Conditions treated
they were almost endless: muscle aches and pains, skin
conditions, women’s problems, other heart conditions, respiratory diseases, stomach disorders,
serious and chronic diseases, as well as degenerative diseases.
Given the widespread use of such equipment more
a hundred years ago, what seems remarkable is not
quantity and breadth of devices, but rather resistance
on electromedicine today. Of course, the prohibition of
electromedical treatments by the mainstream medical-and
laws imposed restrictions on the use of such materials — were practiced
these approaches emerge from immediate public awareness. Electromedicine as a standard treatment has met with ridicule and suspicion from staff as well
people alike. But electromagnetic fields are effective
used for diagnostic purposes, by understanding that
living things are based on energy. If all kinds of electricity,
Hot, magnetic (and acousticbased ultrasound) devices used for testing, why not
as easy to use for healing?
As expected, the pharmaceutical industry has
he took advantage of people’s ignorance and resistance to anything
a method that seems new and strange, if there are advantages
and tracking records of electromedical devices were extensive
on distribution, drug companies will lose billions of dollars
each year. Less effort has been made by mainstream media
educate consumers, because it depends on the revenue from drug advertising.
Unlike drugs, each one can be used only once
for one person and just one or two conditions, many
electromedicine methods that have come to the forefront
a hundred years Attackers.Support the body’s ability to heal, instead
of its natural functions. Easy to use, just by people
experts. Can be used during life (as they see
to deal with many conditions).
It can be used at the same time by more than one person
They are relatively inexpensive, considering their specificity
How and why do electromedical devices work? That
the other is a health care provider or health care provider,
understanding the science behind electromedicine can
make a difference between understanding good vibration
to evil. The best place to start with a conversation of
EM spectrum and its related component, sound.


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